The answer from our expert instructors and designers,  is in short Yes.

To give a little more insight we asked for their reccomendations here is a summary:

Original Platform – With the platform folder that the Big Shot or Vagabond currently come with there is a need to shim many more detailed dies.  Also with the platform folder things sometimes shift as you are cutting requiring you to use tape and running the risk of tearing your project.  This platform also warps over time making it hard to keep items in place.

Magnetic Platform – The Magnetic Platform allows you to cut without shimming 98% of all dies.  There are still a few super detailed dies that have issues cutting and will require a metal shim however the instances are fewer.  Also the magnet in this plaform holds the die to the paper allowing you to place the die where you want it on the paper and run it through.  It also allows you to run multiple like dies at once without fear of shifting.  The Magnetic Platform is less likely to warp as it is one solid piece.

Other techniques such as embossing folders and the use of stencils & dies to emboss will still require the Original Platform with folders however for day to day die cutting we highly recommend the Magnetic Platform.